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YarrowBay was created in 2001 based on a vision and a passion. The vision is that it is possible to create better places for the people of the Northwest to live, work and play through application of forward-thinking community planning techniques. The passion is that it is not only possible, but also essential, to protect and preserve many of the attributes that make living in the Northwest desirable through the application of imaginative community planning.

Our vision and our passion are leading YarrowBay into distinct, but complementary business units. Business units include: development of master-planned communities; development of residential mixed-use and commercial sites; investment and land acquisition; vertical residential, mixed-use and retail projects; infrastructure design and construction and property management.

At the core of YarrowBay's effectiveness is a long-range view of finances, matched with an exceptional team of talented professionals.

YarrowBay has recruited top professionals with extensive backgrounds in all disciplines of our core business. These are people with character and competence who are at the top of their game, knowledgeable in their field, savvy and principled in their business approach.

Our approach to doing business is collaborative, open and creative. We seek solutions where each party can achieve their goals.

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