Quinns Crossing
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Quinn's Crossing offers a new perspective on community building.

Located in the Echo Lake area of Snohomish County and adjacent to the Echo-Paradise Conservation Area, Quinn’s Crossing offers 47 high quality residential homesites while also preserving nearly 80 acres of permanent open space.

Homesites are clustered in neighborhoods, bordering land that is set aside for preservation. Each homesite has a preservation zone in its backyard as a permanent buffer to the wilderness area.

Other environmental innovations at Quinn’s Crossing center around protecting the surrounding watershed. A sophisticated wastewater treatment plan provides real-time monitoring of individual septic systems, along with a network of test wells for community wide water quality monitoring.

Standards for home design, homebuilding and landscaping emphasize enhancing and protecting the environment including a requirement that all homes meet or exceed a 3-Star level of Built Green®.

This neighborhood embodies YarrowBay’s thoughtful, creative approach to developing exquisite homesites in challenging environments. It is the result of a development team, working with local stakeholders to transform constraints and challenges into highly desirable and environmentally sensitive places to live.

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