Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Land planning is much more than providing buildings and roads. It is about embracing the human element and creating places that are attractive for people to live, work and play. It means being deliberate and encouraging parks, open spaces and community centers where people can gather. It means providing alternatives to car trips and creating connections for pedestrians and bicycles. It means creating a healthy balance of jobs, services and housing.

Because our planet's resources are limited, all of our plans must strive to preserve and protect the natural environment, as well as to foster a culture of stewardship and sustainable development, building and living.

It takes many people to create a vibrant community. YarrowBay is committed to creating strong partnerships, both public and private; to build teams that have the experience and resources needed to ensure success.

We will strive to create communities that enhance the lives of the residents by reflecting true diversity of ages, incomes, lifestyles, activities, ethnicities and backgrounds.

YarrowBay is committed to listening to the people in the communities we serve. Together, we work creatively to find the best solutions and innovative ideas that will create strong, livable communities for generations to come.

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